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Alderman Khalif Rainey condemns road rage shooting

Posted at 6:44 PM, Jul 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-26 19:46:50-04

MILWAUKEE — As charges are pending for the latest road rage shooting suspect, the alderman who represents the neighborhood where the shooting unfolded called on people to change their ways.

Alderman Khalif Rainey grappled with the reality he and his family could have been the ones hurt in a road rage shooting.

"What immediately comes to my mind is my 4-year-old daughter," said Rainey.

Rainey represents Milwaukee's District 7. It was where police said a road rage shooting injured a 5-year-old girl at 44th and Keefe on Thursday, and where a separate road rage case took the life of 3-year-old Brooklyn Harris near 42nd and Concordia less than two weeks ago.

"I think the people of Milwaukee are sad and frustrated when they hear these types of stories, especially when it’s innocent children who are being impacted," said Rainey.

Rainey said he cannot attribute the road rage shootings to the neighborhood since the accused shooters were driving, but he urged people to think before they do something they regret.

"Can’t be quick to grab a gun when we encounter someone or something that’s to our dissatisfaction. We have to take responsibility for that and change the way that we behave and treat one another in our own neighborhood," said Rainey.

Milwaukee Police said if you are faced with a road rage situation, do not engage. Ignore them and keep driving.

"Pull over, breathe, do not allow your emotions to land you in jail because that is exactly where you’ll be." — Sgt. Sheronda Grant

"Do not pull over on the side of the road to engage in a verbal altercation with the individual because you don’t know what is on that person’s mind," said Sgt. Sheronda Grant, the Milwaukee Police Department's public information officer.

If the driver starts following you, call police immediately and give them as much information you can about the car, driver and your location.

If you are the one getting testy, take a break.

"Pull over, breathe, do not allow your emotions to land you in jail because that is exactly where you’ll be," said Grant.

"The Milwaukee Police Department takes this seriously. If you’re involved or engaging in shooting into another vehicle, you will go to jail. The Milwaukee Police Department, as well as a community, we will hold you accountable."