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'A Blessing:' Bride-to-be grateful after wedding dress recovered from Bayside fire

Posted at 8:00 PM, Mar 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-30 23:49:25-04

BAYSIDE - As North Shore firefighters battled the White Oaks Apartment fire for hours, Wendy Zetting worried about the state of her wedding dress and her fiancé's military blues.

Wendy’s fiancé is in the military and just moved to Texas. Wendy is getting ready to move with him but until then, she was living with her friend at White Oaks.

This morning Wendy and her friend were evacuated through the balcony. Although she was thankful they were both alive, she was concerned about her dress.

When North Shore firefighters heard the news, they stepped into action and found her wedding dress and her fiancé's uniform untouched by the blaze.

“For as much as I don't like to see what happened here, if we can help people out like that, that's what we are here for,” said North Shore Fire Chief Robert Whitaker.

Wendy said the firefighters' gesture of kindness is a silver lining during this difficult time.

“I just thank God so much that these guys were able to do that. It’s just a blessing. It takes one thing off my shoulders and I'm so appreciative they would even think about doing that for me,” said Zetting.

Wendy is getting married in less than two months.