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911 calls capture loose Vincent High School cows' urban adventure

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jan 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 11:09:11-05

We apologize in advance for George Mallet in the video above. He really milked this one. 

TODAY’S TMJ4 has obtained the 911 call from the day two cows escaped from Milwaukee’s Vincent HighSchool, and embarked on an udderly urban adventure. 

Violet and Daisy were apparently looking for greener pastures. They busted out and the 911 calls began. 

"Uh yeah, um we got two cows running down the road at 91st. And where are we, Good Hope,” one caller said. 

"Did you say cows or cars?" the dispatcher responded. 

Other callers thought they were seeing something far more terrible. 

"Yes there are two bulls, very large animals running on Good Hope Road and 91st Street. It's bad traffic. It's a very big emergency. Someone needs to go there,” another caller said.

There was one lone caller who knew the fugitives were. 

"Yeah, it's at Vincent High School. What's the problem? I don't know if I should call a non-emergency number or not, but we have some cattle that escaped from, cause we have a farm here, so we're looking for like two large heads of cattle,” they said. 

Ultimately police, students, teachers and even a few farmers pitched in to get the cows loaded onto a trailer and returned to Vincent High School.