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2-year-old killed in shooting near 13th and Ring in Milwaukee

13th and Ring
2 year old killed
Posted at 10:36 AM, Jul 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-16 08:06:49-04

MILWAUKEE — The number of young Milwaukee residents killed by guns continues to rise.

Police say a 2-year-old girl died Friday morning after suffering from a gunshot wound. Not many details were released, but officers did take a 33-year-old woman into custody.

The girl was later identified as Ranyla Tharp.

The shooting happened just after 9 a.m. near 13th and Ring - just blocks away from where two women died in a shooting near 5th on Thursday.

In a news release, Milwaukee police took the moment to remind residents to make sure to secure their firearms and keep them away from children.

One neighbor named Nancy said she saw Tharp often playing outside.

"I don't know what to believe. When I hear the way the little girl passed, I just can't believe it," Nancy said. "I never thought something like that would happen over there."

Milwaukee Police Capt. Sheronda Grant was on scene.

"We take this very seriously," Capt. Grant said. "This is a tragic incident. It needs to stop. I'm praying that it does stop."

Two weeks ago, investigators say a 3-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed himself when he got a hold of a gun in his home near 20th and Juneau. The next day, police report another 3-year-old was accidentally shot near 52nd and North Avenue. Charges were filed in both cases.

Capt. Grant can't stress it enough: please lock your guns and keep them away from children.

"Gun locks do us no good if we're not actually using them and also keeping them away from children," Capt. Grant said. "We have gun locks here at District 5, we are open 24 hours a day, no questions asked. Come, you want a gun lock? Get a gun lock, take it, use it, and place your firearm away from children."

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