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19 news stories from 2019 that could only happen in Wisconsin

Posted at 2:21 PM, Dec 31, 2019

The end of the year is always a time for reflection, and in doing so, we realized that Wisconsin did some pretty Wisconsin things in 2019.

So, without further a do, only in Wisconsin...

1. Would a bar offer a 50% discount during extreme wind chills

In January, The Brass Tap in Greenfield, Wis. offered to give a 50% discount if the wind chill got to 50 degrees below zero.

2. Can you get paid to eat cheese curds

Chris Attaway from Madison, Wis. was picked by EatStreet to go on a two week road trip throughout the state to try cheese curds. Her official job title was dubbed "Curd Nerd."

3. Would someone build a 40 ft. snowman

In March, Jack Taylor built Wisconsin's tallest snowman in Black River Falls, Wis.

4. Would an NBA team president provide excuse notes to fans who had to work the morning after a game

Milwaukee Bucks President Peter Feigin provided excuse notes for workers who might have needed extra sleep following the Bucks playoff series win against the Detroit Pistons in April.

5. Would a distillery launch an L Flag Bourbon statewide ahead of an MLB game

Central Standard Distillery created the L FLag Bourbon in April. It hit shelves in Wisconsin in July ahead of a Chicago Cubs game at Miller Park.

6. Would a giant 60-foot inflatable unicorn float in a lagoon near a major music festival

The unicorn was spotted floating near Summerfest on July 5.

7. Would a brewery that makes a beer named after spotted cows get a visit from spotted cows

In September, a herd of spotted cows were seen on surveillance in the parking lot of New Glarus Brewery, home of Spotted Cow beer.

8. Would you be able to eat rainbow unicorn sparkle, pumpkin spice with caramel sauce, pizza with marinara and spice with ranch flavored cheese curds

For National Cheese Curd Day in October, Lakefront Brewery sold these cheese curd flavors.

9. Would Kwik Trip sell coffee- and doughnut-flavored beer

After partnering with Karben4 Brewing, Kwik Trip sold Glazer Bean beer across Wisconsin in November. It's brewed with Karuba coffee with a hint of Glazer donuts.

10. Would a dying man's wish be to share a final beer with his sons

Norbert Schemm of Appleton, Wis. was diagnosed with colon cancer and had one final wish. Nov. 19, he shared one last beer with his sons.

11. Would a police department and city mayor have a snowball fight to prove that snowball fights are legal

Wausau, Wis. was put in the national spotlight in December. A rarely used ordinance that puts a ban on throwing projectiles put snowballs in the same category as rocks and harmful objects. However, Wausau Mayor Robert Mielkeand Wausau police posted a video of them having a snowball fight to show that it's OK.

12. Would it not suck to be the only Michigan fan in the student section of a Badgers football game

Ben Janowski actually said he had the best day of his life. The Michigan Wolverines fan said everyone was really nice.

13. Would a man drive drunk with his pet chicken on his shoulder

Oak Creek police arrested a man for his third OWI in November. He had been driving around with a chicken on his shoulder. The animal was later taken to a shelter.

14. Would a farmer share an important message with a cornfield

The Govin Meats & Berries Farm in Menomonie, Wis. shared the message "your life matters," and the suicide prevention telephone number in their corn maze this fall.

15. Would a 104-year-old woman shoot a buck on her first-ever hunt

Florence Teeters shot a spike buck during hunting season in Phillips, Wis. It was her first time hunting.

16. Would the collegiate football team be in the Rose Bowl, the NFL team clinch the playoffs and the NBA team lead its conference all at the same time

'Nuff said.

17. Would a man choke and punch his sister after she teased him for being a Vikings fan

Mark E. Mueller from Janesville, Wis. is now facing charges for strangulation and suffocation for hurting his sister on Christmas Eve.

18. Would the governor bet another state governor a 6-pack of beer ahead of a football game

Ahead of the Rose Bowl game, Gov. Tony Evers bet Oregon Gov. Kate Brown a 6-pack of Spotted Cow beer, in favor of the Wisconsin Badgers winning against the Oregon Ducks.

19. Would someone call the cops on KFC for getting their order wrong

The woman told police she asked for her sandwich to be wasn't.