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10-year-old Milwaukee boy accused of killing mother appears in court

The boy, who TMJ4 News is not naming, is charged with killing his mother Quiana Mann at their home near 87th and Hemlock
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Posted at 11:22 AM, Jan 19, 2023

MILWAUKEE — The 10-year-old Milwaukee boy accused of killing his mother over a VR headset returned to court on Thursday for a motion hearing.

The 10-year-old, who TMJ4 News is not naming because of a judge's ruling blocking the release of his name, is charged with 1st-Degree Intentional Homicide.

On Thursday, the judge dismissed a second count of 1st-Degree Reckless Homicide against the child after the state and defense reached an agreement.

If the case goes to trial in an adult court, he would receive a mandatory life sentence under the intentional homicide count if convicted by a jury.

Court will resume on Jan. 27 for a preliminary hearing to determine probable cause. The defense is also expected to argue against original jurisdiction to have the case remanded to juvenile court.

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According to a criminal complaint, the boy was allegedly mad at his mom for waking him up early and not letting him buy the VR set on Amazon.

The deadly shooting took place near 87th and Hemlock around 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 21. Police initially reported the boy was playing with the gun when it discharged, striking his mom. The woman, identified as Quiana Mann, was shot in the head and died from her injuries.

"It's hard because she's supposed to be here," Lueritha Mann said.

That thought keeps Lueritha Mann and her family up at night. Losing her daughter, Quiana Mann, feels like a nightmare that she cannot escape.

"I can't believe he did it," Lueritha stated.

Her 10-year-old grandson is accused of killing his mother, Quiana.

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Quiana Mann

Detectives say the boy told them he got the gun because he was mad at his mom for waking him up at 6 a.m. and that she would not allow him to order a virtual reality headset from Amazon.

Police initially reported the boy was playing with the gun when it discharged, striking his mom.

TMJ4's Ubah Ali asked his aunt Rhonda Reid if she thought her nephew was capable of hurting his mother.

"No, absolutely, not," Reid said.

Family speaks out after child kills mom

Reid still has a hard time understanding why her nephew, according to prosecutors, planned to murder his mother the night before.

"He was upset about these (electronic) devices being taken away," she said. Adding, that the day of the shooting, her nephew ordered a VR headset.

Reid said her nephew started going to therapy more than a year ago. He was diagnosed with mood and conduct disorder. Limiting access to electronics was a treatment plan from his therapist.

The 10-year-old is being charged with first-degree homicide as an adult.

Reid believes her nephew doesn't understand the severity of the charges and what that could mean for him.

From juvenile detention, Reid said her nephew has told her he’s blocked out what happened that morning and shifts the conversation quickly.

"When he calls, he's just like, 'make sure all my tablets and laptop and everything of mine is packaged,'" Reid said.

Lueritha said she can't bring herself to speak to her grandson. When asked if she could one day, she said, "I hope I do one day, but right now no. He took something very precious from me."

Ali asked Reid if she believes her nephew should be charged as an adult.

"That's a difficult question," Reid responded. "I do understand how they (prosecutors) were able to come up with that charge."

"He needs to pay for what he's done," Lueritha added.

Reid believes the best place for his safety and for others is in jail, but with help.

"No matter what happens with him, I'm not sure in this state that he would receive proper care anyway," Reid stated.

Both women say there's no closure in this situation.

"There are no winners in this situation," Reid added.

Right now, making sure Quiana's memory is kept alive is most important.

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