Greenfield poll workers roll out new electronic voter system

Posted at 11:04 AM, Oct 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-16 12:04:05-04

We're all used to signing the big paper book on election day, but the times are changing.

Election workers in Greenfield are getting a lesson in the future of running a polling place.

It trades the pens and paper for something a lot closer to an iPad. It's a system called Badger Book.

A new, electronic voter check-in system from the Wisconsin Elections Commission rolling out across the state.

Greenfield training director Lisa Pelkey said it was used in the August election with good results.

"It's much faster. It's so much easier to check a person in rather than finding their name in the two different poll books," Pelkey said.

In a training session, Pelkey walked her students through many of the situations that could pop up on election day.

A new voter? It's in there.

Change of address? It can do that, too.

First-time poll worker Michael Mirer liked what he saw.

"I haven't seen this before as a voter" Mirer said. "It's very easy, pretty intuitive. All the info is right here. I'd say it's idiot-proof, but we'll see."

Miriam Miranda is an election day veteran with experience on the old paper books and the new badger book system.

She likes how the computer walks you through every step -- helping remove human error on election day.

"This gives you a lot of prompts. It takes the guesswork out of it," she said.

That will make it easier on what's supposed to be such a big election day.

While the check-in process is on a touch screen, voting itself will be the same as always.

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