Free rides to the polls, curbside voting, registering to vote on Election Day

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 02, 2020

MILWAUKEE — If you haven't registered to vote, don't have an I.D., don't have a ride to the polls, are quarantining due to the coronavirus, or have a disability, there are still ways you can vote on Election Day.

Curbside Voting

If you are unable to wait in line or other disability that precludes you from going inside the polling place, curbside voting is an option.

You can drive up to the polling center and poll workers will come to your car, so you can vote from the comfort and safety of your own car. You can also register this way. All you need is your I.D. Every polling location is supposed to have curbside voting.

More info can be found on the Wisconsin Election Commission's website.

Hospitalized, Quarantining, Bedridden

If you aren't able to leave your home, hospital, or another place of residence, you can still vote tomorrow. All you need is someone who can drive. That person can go to the poll for you, pick up your ballot, drive it to you, and then drop it back off once you have completed it.

It's important to note that the person who transports the ballot must sign it as an assister.

Free Rides

If you are unable to secure a ride to the polls, there are various organizations offering free rides: Milwaukee County Department of Aging, and Souls to the Polls. There are more, but it is best you check with your local municipality.

You most likely will have to schedule a pick-up.

Voter Registration

In Wisconsin, you can register to vote on Election Day. All you need is your driver's license or I.D. If you do not have a form of government-issued identification, you can get a free ride to the DMV with some of the organizations offering free rides to the polls.

You won't get a permanent copy of your I.D. but you will get a piece of paper that is sufficient to register to vote.

Important Phone Number For People With Disabilities

If you are a person with a disability and you experience any issues or have any questions about the voting process on election day call the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition's number: 1-844-347-8683.

**This article has been editing to correct that the Milwaukee County Transit System will not be providing free rides to the polls. **

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