Darling, Plotkin canvassing ahead of Election Day

Posted at 7:26 PM, Oct 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-31 20:26:47-04

GLENDALE, WI — Days away from Election Day and in Wisconsin, the presidential race isn’t the only big race on people’s minds. A key senate race is underway between republican senator Alberta Darling and her challenger Neal Plotkin.

Saturday consisted of lots of walking as both Senator Darling and Neal Plotkin trekked through District 8, trying to shore up any votes that may still be out there.

Two candidates, but only one district eight state senate seat.

TMJ4 News caught Darling in Germantown and Plotkin in Glendale.

“My race is important because my constituents want to know who can they trust,” Sen. Darling said.

Darling, a longtime Republican leader in the state, has been in office since 1993. She ran unopposed in 2012 and 2016.

A familiar face for Republican voters like Sandy Fox.

“She works hard. She fights for what we need in America,” Fox said.

On the other side of the fight, Plotkin looks to flip the senate seat in favor of the Democratic party, citing inaction from Republican state leadership, even pre-COVID-19.

“This has been a completely do-nothing state legislature that do not work and get full time pay,” Plotkin said. “In 2019, the last five months of the year, the legislature set in session for two days. This year, their record is worse.”

Darling pushed back against the criticism from her first challenger in 12 years.

“I would disagree with his point that we didn’t get things done. We got a budget done that was balanced that we didn’t raise taxes. We reduced our spending and funded schools at the highest percentage ever,” Darling said.

Both candidates said they plan to go nonstop through the weekend heading into Election Day.

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