ACLU of Wisconsin offers help with ballot and voting concerns

Posted at 12:59 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-03 13:59:11-05

MILWAUKEE - No matter which way you lean politically - a group of nonpartisan organizations want to make sure if you have concerns, or troubles casting your ballot on election day, you have help just one phone call away.

Since 2004 Larry Dupuis has been a poll observer with the ACLU

" We try to help everybody who's eligible to vote, get their opportunity to vote and have their vote count. That's the purpose, we don't care who you're voting for," said ACLU legal director, Larry Dupuis.

The ACLU of Wisconsin along with the League of women voters, the Lawyers Committee for civil rights, and Wisconsin voices have partnered to provide election protection. Trained in election law and election practices these lawyers can be reached with one call -1-866 our-vote.
Dupis explains how lawyers across the country will participating in this nationwide initiative.

" Some of them sitting in a sort of command center and others out in the community at the polling places or roving from polling place to polling place doing legal observing."

In the midst of a pandemic last April, voters were faced with long lines and limited polling sites that caused frustration and confusion.
In a situation like this Dupuis says this group of non-partisan lawyers could help voters if made aware.

VOTER GUIDE: What You Need To Know To Cast Your Ballot

"We would call the Wisconsin or the Milwaukee election commission and say, can you do something like splitting the poll books so that it's easier. You can have two lines instead of one to get your ballot."
They are also using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get information out and answer questions during these last days of early voting and also on election day Tuesday.

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