Stimulus checks roll in, Wisconsin officials say people should be aware of scammers

White House commits to sending stimulus checks within 2 weeks
Posted at 6:15 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 23:40:30-04

MILWAUKEE — Karla Brown is one of the many Wisconsinites who received their federal stimulus payment from the government on Monday. She will be able to access money on April 15. Karla said she already knows how she's going to use it.

"First thing we are going to do is pay our tithes to our church and then save the rest just in case," said Karla.

Karla said during these hard times, it's important for people to look out for one another.

"Some of our church members are not working, some of them, their jobs have laid them off and giving to the church and being able to help our church members in this time of need is important to us," Karla said.

Like many in Karla's church who have lost their jobs, her neighbor Sandra Jackson hasn't been to work in a month. Sandra said when she gets her check in, she also feels inclined to help others.

"I've been off work since March 13. I feel the need to donate some, that's what my heart is telling me to do," said Sandra.

While many have a giving heart, the Better Business Bureau is warning people of scammers looking to take advantage of those during these hard times. Jim Temmer, President of the BBB Wisconsin, said they have already received reports of stimulus scams.

"They are saying, these checks are taking so long if you give us $50 or $80, we will expedite your payment and get it in there right away, so people are anxious to get that money," said Temmer.

Temmer said paying someone extra money won't get your check to you sooner. The government will not call or text you unsolicited about your stimulus payment. Temmer said while many are eager to receive their checks, the best advice is to slow down.

"Don't believe these things that are coming unsolicited and don't give anyone your information that you did not contact or that you do not personally know," said Temmer.

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