Some Milwaukee-area businesses reconsider mask requirements after new CDC guidance

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 17:29:31-04

WEST ALLIS — Some businesses are thinking about their mask requirements following new CDC guidance Thursday indicating those fully vaccinated can ditch masks in most cases.

The CDC says masks should still be required in crowded indoor areas such as public transportation, and health cares settings and private businesses may still require them. Local ordinances may still require masks in certain spaces as well.

Cindy Chapman has been a vendor at the West Allis Farmers Market for decades. She says it was difficult for her to wear a mask last summer.

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"That’s the reason I got the vaccine, I figured so I wouldn't have to wear a mask," Chapman said.

The West Allis Farmers Market requires vendors to wear masks, and its website states masks are strongly recommended for customers.

"I think as long as you are vaccinated, which we were, you should be able to take it off now," Chapman said.

The CDC says more than 35 percent of Americans are fully vaccinated, and DHS data shows more than 38 percent of people in Wisconsin have completed their vaccination series.

Still, some people say they aren't ready to ditch the masks quite yet.

At Aggie's Bakery and Cake Shop in West Allis, a sign requiring masks greets customers at the door.

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"You can’t prove that you’ve been vaccinated unless you have one of those cards, and they didn't say anything about carrying it around," Erin Czarnecki said.

"We can’t just take someone’s word, or else we would for sure do that, but I just feel it’s not that safe," Paris Alvarez said.

"We had a customer come in about an hour ago, and he seemed really happy to not have to wear his mask, and then once we told him we still require it in-store, his whole face changed," Czarnecki said.

Chuck Todd on the CDC's mask decision

"If you see a lot of people around, then you should wear a mask," said Shabnm Rani.

At Quick Cuts Family Hair Care in West Allis, plastic dividers separate stations.

"We haven’t enforced the mask rule lately, people are vaccinated, but I personally feel better with it on, so I really do wish customers would keep them on," Jennifer Moes said.

"It kind of feels like second nature now," Liridona Neziri said.

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