MPS hosting walk-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics beginning on Monday

Posted at 9:54 PM, May 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-17 19:17:11-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Public Schools announced that it will be offering walk-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics starting Monday, May 17. No appointments are required.

The vaccine clinics will be located at various locations throughout the district Monday-Friday. All Wisconsin residents age 12 and older are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. However, all youth will need a consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

Reagan High School student Kamari Matlock was one of the first MPS students to get a COVID-19 vaccine at Rogers Street Academy.

"I think it's like more warming and welcoming when the school district does it," Matlock said.

His mother, Alkira Matlock, said her entire family is vaccinated, and when she heard the CDC's announcement, she rushed to get her son vaccinated to keep him safe.

"When he goes out in public or around other people, I want to make sure he's protected," she said.

MPS hosting walk-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics beginning on Monday

To date, Milwaukee Public Schools have had a total of 781 confirmed COVID cases: 116 cases among students, 683 cases among school staff and 98 among central staff.

Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley said this effort is an opportunity to mitigate the COVID-19 virus and is a step towards bringing all students back.

UW Health Dr. Bill Hartman said adding 12 to 15-year-olds to the list of those eligible to get vaccinated was crucial.

"The children make up about 20% of our population. It's very important if we're going to get to that herd immunity, that we vaccinate the children," Hartman said.

As a father of five, he said four of his children got the Pfizer vaccine and had no symptoms beyond a sore arm - a small price to pay to ensure safety.

"It'll be something to get them back to kind of that normal childhood, that normal school experience," Hartman said.

While normalcy is what everyone is striving for, Hartman believes children should be a part of the conversation when it comes to getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Don't force the vaccines on the kids. Let them make the decision themselves. Let them ask their questions and do your best to answer them," Hartman said.

Clinic locations and times include the following:

Mondays and Wednesdays - 9 - 11 A.M.

  • Morse Middle School - 6700 N. 80th Street, Milw., 53233

Mondays and Fridays - 9 - 11 A.M.

  • Rogers Street Academy - 2430 W. Rogers Street, Milw., 53204

Tuesdays and Thursdays - 9 - 11 A.M.

  • North Division High School - 1011 W. Center Street, Milw., 53206
  • South Division High School - 1515 W. Lapham Blvd., Milw., 53204

Wednesdays and Fridays - 9 - 11 A.M.

  • Roosevelt Middle School - 800 W. Walnut Street, Milw., 53205

*There will be no clinics open on Memorial Day

The clinics will operate according to demand until further notice. You can view the complete flyer by clicking here.

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