Germantown magician reveals secrets for quarantine entertainment

Posted at 4:40 PM, Apr 06, 2020

GERMANTOWN — As the self-quarantines continue, we need to keep ourselves entertained, which is why a Germantown magician has begun to post easy magic tutorials online for free.

"There's some card tricks. There's tricks with a pencil where you can make it levitate. There's a trick with a ribbon where you can cut, and it magically restores," Glen Gerard, the magician from Germantown, said.

All the tricks he teaches in his video series are doable with everyday household objects like string, cups, and playing cards. You can find his videos on his Facebook, his YouTube page, or on his website.

You don't need an in-person participant for these tricks either. All of these can be done while still adhering to social distancing, and you can do them while video chatting with someone.

"I've kind of streamlined these magic tricks, so nobody needs to touch anything. Nobody needs to pick a card or interact that way," Gerard said.

That doesn't mean these tricks aren't still interactive any fun. It just doesn't require a participant to touch the deck of cards or other props involved in the performance.

Gerard is a full-time magician. He performs year-round and has done so all over the country. Since coronavirus has canceled his events, this is a way for him to show others the wonders of magic.

Glen Gerard posts easy-to-do magic tutorials every few days. Photo courtesy of Glen Gerard.

"I also feel it's important to do your part and listen to the power that be and stay at home. And like I said, this keeps me in practice, and hopefully, If I can lighten up somebody day at the same time, that's great."

His videos come out every few days, which is just enough time to master these easy to learn tricks before the next one comes out.

"Einstein said the greatest thing you can experience in your lifetime is a mystery, and magic is all about mystery," Gerard said.

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