An experiment shows one reason Milwaukee is requiring everyone wear masks

Posted at 6:23 PM, Jul 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-14 19:23:15-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee is getting ever closer to the beginning of its mask mandate.

Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Barrett signed the ordinance requiring anyone in public to wear a mask.

To illustrate why local health experts, the Center For Disease Control, and the World Health Organization, have said wearing a mask is important, we used a Bill Nye the Science Guy inspired experiment. All it takes is a napkin.

Blow on the napkin with a surgical, home-made (with filters), or N95 mask and the napkin shouldn't move.

When you remove the mask and blow on the napkin it moves.

It a simple enough experiment but it outlines one of the main reasons health officials are asking people to wear masks. The science shows that coronavirus particles spread through the air and eventually to people and surfaces. Masks help prevent the spread of the coronavirus by inhibiting airflow.

We asked people who were in favor and against the mask mandate to try the experiment.

"I really don’t like to wear masks just period. It's just uncomfortable," Kechawn Tipton said.

When we did the experiment and asked him if that changed his mind about the spread of the virus he said, "no."

Alariaya Wright, who is in favor of the mask mandate, said that the experiment confirmed her previous beliefs about masks.

"When you have the mask on, people that have the coronavirus can not spread it to you," she said.

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