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Marquette nursing master's student defies the odds after growing up in 11 different foster homes

Student's viral post has more than 22,000 comments
Posted at 7:26 AM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 08:43:33-04

MILWAUKEE -- One of the nursing students at Marquette's Pleasant Prairie satellite campus has more than 22,000 comments and likes on her personal LinkedIn post.

"Of course there's days where I took a pillow and cried into because nursing school isn't easy," said Lisa Koycar, Marquette University Nursing Master's student.

Koycar got through it with the same strength she found after she was yanked from her family at 8 years old because of neglect.

"I was in eleven different foster homes," said Koycar, "Here I am after all the tears. I'm set to graduate in less than 3 weeks."

She says she her life turned around with the love she received from her last foster family. She aged out of the Indiana foster system and went before a judge, who she says told her this: "'I'll see you back in a year in handcuffs.' And I took it as, 'Okay, why is that?' At the time it angered me so much."

Now 37, she hopes her nursing master's degree from Marquette will help her to heal others in honor of the foster parents that believed in her, "They need to know that were an advocate for them and when I'm taking care of them in that moment i want them to feel that they are protected from everything."

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