Franklin volunteer coach accused of sexually assaulting student, harassing family

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Posted at 8:58 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 23:18:18-05

A volunteer coach at Franklin High School has been charged with sexually assaulting and stalking a student, and court documents say Zachary Drabek did not just harass the student, but the victim's mother and siblings as well.

Parents just learned of what happened Friday afternoon.

"Obviously, you like to think of where you are as a safe place," said Tammy Davis.

According to records, Drabek volunteered as a bowling coach. He started buying the student gifts last year.

On New Year's Eve he was invited over to the victim's house by the victim's parents. Later that night, he assaulted the student.

Afterwards the victim, who had not told anyone what happened, tried to block Drabek on social media. That's when the victim says Drabek started "spamming him" or repeatedly contacting him online.

Drabek even appealed to the victim's family. He "would reach out to [the victim's] mother and would want to come over."

In the last two months, the victim's mother and sibling repeatedly "got messages" from Drabek often asking to see the victim or "give [the victim] messages." The victim told his siblings "he was afraid of the defendant."

Franklin parents say they are going to be talking to their kids about what happened. But some have some questions for the school district like why a 19-year-old had been volunteering as a school coach.

The school district sent home a letter to the parents. In the statement the district said:

"An investigation of the individual’s file uncovered that he was also recently employed as a summer custodian. He passed a background check and there were no reports of misconduct during his time with the District. Staff who interacted with him state that there was no indication that he might pose a threat to our student’s safety and wellbeing. The Franklin Police Department immediately communicated to the individual that he was to have no contact with any school staff, students or events."