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Getting to know a different side of rising Milwaukee star Lex Allen

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jul 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-07 11:28:13-04

MILWAUKEE — It's time you get to know one of the most popular Milwaukee musicians in a different light.

Lex Allen has been a mainstay in the Cream City for almost a decade. He has performed at Summerfest four times. He said each year the show started later and the crowd grew larger.

TODAY'S TMJ4 did some research to go beyond the basic musician questions to get to know Lex Allen better. Here is a snapshot of that interview. For more, watch the video to see his reactions to the questions we asked that he didn't know we knew about.

TODAY'S TMJ4: You've been wearing the head wrap for a long time. Where did it come from?

LEX ALLEN: In school we weren't really taught about African-American kingdom or cultures. (They) are a signifier [sic] of African-American cultures of royalty. We were taught about slavery. We were bought. This or that, but we were never taught about thriving African-American kingdoms. And so I wear it as a symbol of like, when you ask that it gives you the knowledge. For me personally, it means royalty and makes me feel like I'm worth something.

TODAY'S TMJ4: You've walked down a runway before?

LEX ALLEN: I love wearing people's designs. Being expressive through clothing. So that's just really fun. And sometimes you get to take on different characters and you can just like be someone else for a moment.

TODAY'S TMJ4: You've also done a lot of photography. You have a passion for that right?

LEX ALLEN: That was my first like real love of art. My brother James got me a sonySony camera with a floppy disk... It was a gift. A good hand-me-down, and it could only hold like 14 pictures. I would just go around snapping it. It really stuck. I still do it. I've done a few campaigns like Diverse and Resilient.

TODAY'S TMJ4: Talk about the Mouse and the Motorcycle book. That's one of your favorite books right?

LEX ALLEN: It was just perseverance. He was like so little, but he has so much character. People always try to knock down the little guy, and he's the one to hep you up quicker than anybody.