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Canadian wildfire smoke filling southeastern Wisconsin skies

Wildfire Map
Smokey Sunrise
Parry Sound 33 Fire
Posted at 9:46 AM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-19 11:01:31-04

Wildfire season has begun across the western U.S. and in Canada, and over 100 active fires are raging in Ontario alone. Abnormally hot and dry conditions will likely create considerably worse than usual fire seasons for both regions.

Smoke from large and very active fires in Eastern Manitoba and western Ontario is now spreading across Wisconsin. We woke up to very smokey sunrises this morning.

Hazy conditions should continue today and we may have an equally impressive smokey sunset this evening. There is a good chance some of this smoke actually makes it to the surface tomorrow evening as a cold front sweeps the region.

Cold air plunges to the surface behind a cold front, and in this case, smoke aloft would come a long for the ride. This is when we may actually be able to smell the smoke.

Smokey Sunrise
Smokey sunrise over Racine

I have a feeling this will be just the first of many rounds of wildfire smoke making it to the Midwest for the second half of summer. On very smokey days, sensitive groups and elderly should limit outdoor activity, in case the air quality drops.

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