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Combining science, candy for one fun experiment

Posted at 10:18 AM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 11:18:03-04

This science experiment combines two of my favorite things - science and candy!

What you'll need for this experiment:
-Regular M&Ms
-A plate with a lip, or a pie tin

First, take a few M&Ms out of the package - make sure they have the 'M' on them, that's key to the experiment.

Next, put the 'M' side up on your plate. Grab a couple of different colors - use at least 6 or 7 candies.

Once the M&Ms are on the plate, take the water and slowly pour it onto the plate with the M&Ms. Make sure to use enough water to completely cover the surface of the M&Ms, enough that the 'M' on the candy is covered with the water.

Now it's time to wait; it's going to take 10-20 minutes for this experiment to work. As the minutes go by you will be able to see the dye, the color, separates away from the chocolate candy. That's because it is water-soluble.

But the really interesting part is what happens with the M's and the hardshell candy coating. Because the coating and the M are not water-soluble, they both float to the surface of the water. Now you've learned something new about M&Ms, and when you're done, you can eat the leftovers!

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