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'I'm a bucket': Former Whitnall basketball star Tyler Herro on the verge of joining NBA

Posted at 12:20 PM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 17:00:01-04

Nobody thought it was going to happen this fast for former Whitnall basketball star Tyler Herro.

The one-time local hotshot, who shunned the Badgers to go play for Coach Cal and the Kentucky Wildcats, appears to have made the right choice - because he's now on the verge of completing his childhood dream of playing in the NBA.

Herro told TODAY'S TMJ4's Rod Burks he was intimidated by stepping into such a prestigious program at such a young age.

"I always felt like I belonged," Herro said. "So once I got the opportunity to show that I belonged, I showed them that I belonged."

Coach John Calipari will be the first to admit that he didn't know what he had in Herro (who, by the way, was the lowest-rated recruit coming into Lexington that year). He had no choice but to start him from game one.

"We were going through some walk through stuff and he told us five to go out there. It was exciting to know that I would be starting," Herro said.

Herro ran with that role. He led the Wildcats in minutes last season, and he loves playing the role of road villain. He had 24 at Louisville, 20 at Auburn and 19 at Florida. But when he dropped 29 points on Arkansas, everyone was finally on notice.

"I guess it was one of those nights where I couldn't miss," Herro said. "I guess I just had it going. I know I surprised a lot of people."

During that game, Herro's undeniable swag made national headlines - like when he shouted out "I'm a bucket!" to one of the Razorbacks who was dishing out lip service.

"That's just how I felt when he was talking to me at the free throw line," Herro said. "It just kind of just blew up. I didn't expect to get caught on camera."

Blowing up may be an understatement. "I'm a Bucket" has turned into a t-shirt sold nationwide. As for Herro? He has signings all over the country as he waits to see which NBA team will draft him.