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Twisted bacon recipe makes the most perfect, crispy straws

Twisted bacon recipe makes the most perfect, crispy straws
Posted at 12:10 PM, Mar 08, 2023

TikTok has given the world its share of viral recipes and food hacks. Remember the buzz around the baked feta pasta recipe? Maybe the viral parmesan-crusted roasted potatoes were more to your taste. Those both sound delicious, but it’s not clear if they can stand up to twisted bacon, another TikTok sensation.

Twisted bacon isn’t so much a recipe as it is a cooking method. The only ingredient you need to make this dish is the bacon of your choice!

So, how does someone go viral simply by cooking bacon? After all, bacon is pretty much perfect no matter how you do it. But, one content creator’s video gave the world some new ideas about how to cook and serve this favorite breakfast item.


The originator of this trend, according to all the TikToks that have followed her lead, is Abby Durlewanger, who goes by the handle @houseofketo. Back in 2021, one of her posts got 4.5 million views for a trick that has now been imitated by many others.

@houseofketo I’m the original content creator for the viral twisted bacon trend! Be sure to tag us and show us when you make this! #twistedbacon #bacon ♬ Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

Unlike traditional bacon fried on the stovetop, twisted bacon gets cooked in the oven. Bacon cooked in the oven cooks more evenly with uniform heat, which prevents burning and curling.

Durlewanger recommends cooking at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes and curling the bacon strips tighter if you prefer crispy bacon. Looser twists make it a bit chewier. She also recommends seasoning the bacon, which isn’t something everyone does.

The trend has even proven fruitful for those who copy Durlewanger’s method or change it up. For example, Jackie Hartlaub has a popular account called @lowcarbstateofmind. She shares recipes for people following a high protein, low carb diet, and her twisted bacon videos have also gone viral.

In this one, she changes the method up to make bacon straws in the air fryer.

@lowcarbstateofmind #twistedbacon in the #airfryer (original creator @House Of Keto – Abby ) #learnontikok (link in bio to sign up for #butcherbox ) #bbpartner ♬ Delicious – Pabzzz

If you want to cook up the perfect bacon for a big breakfast and make sure you have leftovers, then twisted bacon might be the best prep method. In the oven, you can cook up to two pounds of bacon if you have a baking pan that’s large enough.

Follow the trends! Add a literal twist to your normal cooking routine and see if you love it.

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