Team of the Week: Waukesha North

Northstars are 4-0 this season
Posted at 7:16 PM, Sep 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 20:16:36-04

Waukesha North is 4-0 with wins over powerhouse Arrowhead and a come-from-behind victory over Kettle Moraine.

Now they've earned the right to be called TODAY'S TMJ4’s Frenzy Team of the Week.

Waukesha North is winning because they're sick and tired of losing.

“They've been losing for a long time,” head coach Matt Harris said. “I think at some point, they just said enough is enough. Once they built the confidence inside, that's when it came out, that fire of we're not losing anymore.”

And they haven't. The Northstars have been shining bright.

The spark comes from quarterback Brennan Demark, who's thrown for 12 touchdowns. And when he's not scoring, he's scrambling. Down 10 to Kettle Moraine, he led the way to 24 unanswered points in the second half. It was a comeback win to stay undefeated.

“We definitely knew that we had to prove people wrong, that you guys beat Arrowhead. It's a fluke. They played a bad game,” said Demark, the senior quarterback. “We came out against KM and showed them we're not a fluke.”

“I feel like we just can't get our heads too big,” senior linebacker Izzy Pitchford said. “And we talk about that a lot. We just need to come out every single day to practice and we just keep working like we have something to prove which we do.”

Waukesha North is slowly getting used to these winning ways, but the best part isn't even the fun they’ve been having on the field -- it's been the positive environment it's created in the classroom.

“You want to get your homework done, get to class on time,” said senior wide reciver/cornerback Kendall Gould. “Everyone's like, 'Hey, you better get to class, you better do what you have to do to stay eligible here.’ And everyone kind of feels if I mess up, I could let the team down big time.”

“I can't tell you how many teachers have come up to me and said, 'Hey, so and so is doing a great job. He has really changed over the last year,’” Coach Harris said. “I believe it's because of the positivity they're seeing in the athletics.”

And that's a win for everyone.

Congratulations, Waukesha North on being named the Football Frenzy Team of the Week!