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Athletes and fans gone, Ryder Cup hosts final event: a 50% off sale

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Posted at 6:50 PM, Sep 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-27 19:50:33-04

WHISTLING STRAITS — For one day only, the Ryder Cup Shops opened a final time with a big incentive to shop: 50% off all merchandise.

"I was out here [during the tournament] and I bought a few things. Then this morning I heard there was 50 percent off. And I'm like -- I'm out," said Starr Hayden, who lives in nearby Kohler.

The Shops on Monday weren't as nearly as packed they were over the weekend. But a steady trickle of fans and some folks just looking for a deal came and went.

Sue Hoefler, of Kiel, heard about the sale while she as at the doctor.

"Our son is getting promoted this week from a major to a lieutenant colonel," said Hoefler, holding a Ryder Cup shirt for her son. "And he's a golfer, and he lives in Florida and I know he'd love this."

Shoppers who had already purchased gear at full price during the tournament didn't seem upset.

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Gary and Nancy Pawlak said they were happy to get the sizes they needed when they were still available.

That was a challenge on Monday. Even the mannequins had been stripped of their clothing.

Sales at the shop were brisk throughout the tournament. And the entire event is expected to have a major economic impact on the area.

Milwaukee, for one, is still buzzing from the Bucks championship run. That's another sport but a high-profile, big cash event nonetheless.

According to VISIT Milwaukee's just released data, Giannis and crew helped bring $57.6 million in direct and indirect spending to the community.

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The impact in Sheboygan County has already been obvious to some local businesses. Scenic Bar and Restaurant owner Kurt Wolf says he quickly sold out of his popular fish fry dinners and had to buy more white fish.

"I did buy extra for the week," he said. "We didn't do double that I wanted, but we got through about 150 pounds."

Beyond the Shops, the grounds were empty except for groups of workers breaking down stages and other platforms used throughout the Ryder Cup.

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Steve Okeson and Jose Mendoza came from California to work at the event. All the money they earn, from picking up trash on the grounds, goes straight to their church back home.

"It's just been a great experience. I got a free trip to Wisconsin. The farthest east I'd ever been was Las Vegas. I'm just happy to be here," said Okeson.

Both said they'll miss the weather and the beauty of the course. But they're excited to get back to family.

First, however, they have another ten days of trash pickup on the grounds -- both the course and all the parking lots. And after they're gone, it will still take crews weeks to clear everything out from the massive international tournament.

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