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Just how fast are Olympic swimmers? Here's some perspective

Posted at 5:21 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 18:20:59-04

MUKWONAGO — It's obvious Olympians are elite athletes. But still, there will always be those on the couch who say, 'I could do that.'

So I decided to get in the water at the Mukwonago YMCA to see how I compare against Olympic swimmers, and give perspective on just how good they are. (I did something similar with skateboarding, check it out.)

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For our person of reference, I went with Lydia Jacoby. She is 17 and won a gold medal in the 100 meter breaststroke. Her winning time was 1:04. I have of average athleticism, and my time was 2:05. You can add a little more to that since I was in a 100 yard pool, not a 100 meter pool. Obviously, I was much slower.

Jacoby is so good at what she does because she was born to do it, literally.

"When she was four, her ambition in life was to be a mermaid, so I think she succeeded in her goal," her aunt in Mukwonago, Sue Noeske, said.

Sue was watching from her couch when Jacoby won. Foam finger in hand, her watch party consisted of just her husband.

“We’re just happy over the moon," Noeske said.

However, in Alaska, it seemed like her entire town got together to watch the big race. All those in attendance erupted when she won.

So the next time you think, 'oh I could do that'. Just remember, you probably can't.

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