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Marquette students abroad are keeping up with all the action

"I'm pretty lucky to be overseas, and I’m enjoying it here."
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Posted at 5:55 PM, Mar 14, 2023

The excitement for the Golden Eagles crew extends far and wide. Nearly 4,000 miles away from Milwaukee, Marquette Junior Stavros Sardella is studying abroad in London.

"I'm pretty lucky to be overseas, and I’m enjoying it here,” Sardella smiled.

Sitting in his dorm room across the pond, he is excited about one thing: Marquette basketball.

"It is definitely hard to watch the games because you can't stream it,” Sardella said.

Marquette fans celebrate abroad

But even with the time difference, Sardella, a die-hard Marquette fan, is determined to keep up with Milwaukee’s very own Golden Eagles.

Eight hours away in Ireland, the Marquette madness continues.

Marquette Junior Josh Werle is gearing up for Marquette’s first match in the NCAA March Madness tournament.

Come Friday, when Marquette is in Ohio, both Werle and Sardella will be together in Ireland, celebrating not just St. Patrick’s Day, but Marquette’s first NCAA match-up.

Marquette madness abroad

“For us, we'll be going crazy." "It's probably going to be madness— that's why they call it March Madness". Werle said. "But for the Germans and everyone else, we'll tell them ‘Oh, our school just had a big win’.”

While many people in the bar in Ireland will find the screams uncalled for, Werle said Marquette students know the significance of it.

Earlier in the season, Sardella and friends gathered in a London Bar to cheer on the Golden Eagles in their historic season.

TMJ4's Ubah Ali asked what the locals thought was going on.

Sardella laughed and said they were a bit confused.

"At first they thought we were watching soccer or rugby games," Sardella added.

In Dublin, Werle stayed up past midnight to watch Marquette become outright Big East Conference Champs for the first time in 20 years.

“We were up late at night, so we were all somewhat sleep deprived, but you have to stay up for the Big East Championship," Werle said. "It wasn't much of a choice."

On top of the championship, Coach Shaka Smart earned Big East Coach of the Year, and junior Tyler Kolek earned Big East Player of the Year.

Marquette earned a #2 seed in the tournament. They will take on the #15 seed Vermont during the first round of the tournament on Friday in Columbus, Ohio.

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