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The Packers stock sale drums up excitement from loyal fans

Posted at 7:08 AM, Nov 17, 2021

GREEN BAY, Wis. (NBC 26) - Tuesday was a busy day at Lambeau Field. For the first time in a decade, the Packers put team stock on sale. Each share costs just over $300 with the handler's fee but the Packers reminded fans that the stock doesn't pay dividends or come with any stake in the team. But, it turns out fans are still eager to get their hands on a share.

On Tuesday the Packers CEO and President Mark Murphy announced that for the first time in a decade, fans can once again become partial owners of the Packers.

"We don't have wealthy owners, but we have tremendously loyal fans and shareholders who have a vested interest in the organization," said Murphy.

For $300 plus a $35 handlers fee, fans can become the newest stakeholders of the team. And as of 11 am on Tuesday the Packers estimate that fans had already spent $10 million for a piece of paper acknowledging their investment.

"We're thinking about it for sure. It's something cool. It really is. I mean how many chances do you get to own part of a football team or any team," said Packers fan Helen Pfaff of Illinois.

And even some of the five million current fans who already have a share in the team are prepared to break out their money again and reinvest in the Packers.

"it's a no-brainer. We're doing it again. I mean I get all excited. The second I saw it on the Packers website I was like we're doing it again," said David Haesle.

The Packers hope to raise about $90 million through the stock sale. Money that must be used for stadium upgrades. And on the to-do list according to Murphy is a continued renovation of Lambeau Field's concourse and new video boards throughout Lambeau.

"This is something that our fans... they want this. And they realize it's a way to support the organization and particularly improve or continue to invest in Lambeau Field and improve the fan experience," said Murphy.

But many fans, well they really just want the claim to fame that acknowledges that they are officially an owner.

"I am not sure if it would help the Packers that much, but they get an even bigger fan out of me and my family," said Fritz Wagner.

And all too many more just want to continue showing their support for their team, a team that has no problem going toe to toe with anyone in the NFL.

"I think the biggest reason we do it is we know how hard it is for small-town America to compete with those big cities. This is our way of making sure the Green Bay Packers stay the Green Bay Packers," added Carol Haesle.

This report comes from our sister station NBC26in Green Bay.