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Packers super fans plan to crash Super Bowl party in Minneapolis

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jan 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-31 12:27:38-05

For obvious reasons, the past football season may have crushed a lot of Packers fans. But that's not stopping some of them from crashing the Super Bowl party with some competitors, turned comrades.

Steve "The Owner" Tate is among the die hard Packers backers who will be in Minneapolis this weekend, just to experience the frenzy. He's staying with a fellow Packers family, and her family of Minnesota Vikings fans. 

"While I consider them good friends, I do really enjoy beating their team," Tate said. 

Tate confirms there will be a group of rival Packers and Vikings fans hanging out together and checking out the Super Bowl fan events, and likely looking at the Lombardi Trophy longingly. Oh the irony!

"At least the Packers, we still have more championships than the Vikings do," he said.

Tate has a list of come-backs ready: "We'll get them next year. The Pack will be back!"

Tate, is no stranger to being a Packers fan in enemy land. He's a member of Pro-Football's Ultimate Fan Association. They are a group of people from around the country who are over the top when it comes to rooting for their teams.

They are ambassadors of sorts, traveling to games, and opening up their homes to each other.

"It's about the relationships," Tate said. "That's why I say, I love football, but really, I'm a fan of fans."

He wishes more people would take the same approach.

"Have fun," he said. "Enjoy the competition. Competition makes us better. It doesn't have to be throwing things at people and getting really nasty and personal. When you really think about it, players and coaches come and go. It's us fans that stick around and are in this together."

We told Tate to send us some photos of Packers and Vikings fans "enjoying each other's company" this Super Bowl weekend, because that is for the record books!