NFL official: 'Ambition' to get Packers playing in London in 2018

A National Football League official in London says that the league has a desire to bring the Green Bay Packers over to London for a game next year.

NFL UK managing director Alistair Kirkwood told ESPN that the league aims for announcements of 2018 NFL games in the British capital by December, and it hopes for the Packers to be one of the teams making its first appearance in an international regular season game.

"We also have a desire to get the other six teams (who have not played yet in London) to come over as well," said Kirkwood.

"For the fans of the teams that have supported us through thick and thin and they haven't seen the Eagles, Titans, Texans...the Packers, that's probably a nice ambition."

Numerous times, Packers president Mark Murphy has said he is willing to have the Packers be a "road" team in an international game, but he is unwilling to give up a home game at Lambeau Field for the contest.

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