Former Packer who fumbled NFC Championship kick reaches out to Montgomery

Posted at 5:07 PM, Oct 29, 2018

After fumbling a late kick return that cost the Green Bay Packers a chance to win Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, former Packer Brandon Bostick reached out to Ty Montgomery on Twitter to offer some support. 

Bostick botched an onside kick recovery during the NFC Championship against Seattle in 2015, which allowed the Seahawks to go on a game-winning drive and advance to Super Bowl XLIX and send the Packers home. 

“Been There And Done That @_WiFi_Ty_  Take It All In. Face It Head On. Learn From It And Move On. It’s All About Lessons And Blessings. You Know And I Know The Man Above Got Ya. He Makes No Mistakes! I’m Here For Ya!” Bostick tweeted. 

Coach Mike McCarthy gave no indication that Montgomery will be cut before next Sunday’s game. 

Bostick on the other hand, did not return to the Packers after the NFC Championship. He played one other season in 2016 with the New York Jets.