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Artist recreates Lambeau Field by handwriting names of every Packers player ever

Posted at 11:28 AM, Aug 23, 2018

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but this picture is literally made up of thousands of words.

Dan Duffy of Art of Words recreated Lambeau FIeld with a unique twist - he handwrote the names of every Green Bay Packers player ever to design the stadium.

According to Duffy, every Green Bay Packer who played a regular season game from 1919-2017 is present on the piece. He said putting all 1,666 names on the canvass was to commemorate the Packers' 100th season celebration. 

The art piece itself took Duffy nearly 200 hours to complete. Duffy's passion for creating art pieces like this stems from a class project and way to impress his then girlfriend, now wife. Now he says he enjoys making them because families will spend quality time together trying to find certain names. 

Duffy also has many other designs which can be viewed and purchased by clicking here