Golf returns to Washington High School

Posted at 10:36 PM, May 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-16 23:39:48-04

It's been a long time since Washington High School in Milwaukee has had a golf team.

"Nobody who's at Washington high school, I don't think anyone remembers the last time there was a golf team," says Ethan Littel, Head Coach for the newest Purgolders. 

Thanks to algebra two, trig, math chair and chess coach Ethan Littel, that's all changing. 

 "I was advised by other teachers that if you have something fun that you like to do, might as well invite students to do it with you. So for me, golf is something that I really enjoy," said Littel. 

It wasn't a challenge to find students willing to try a new sport, most of them like Montell and Mohammad are also involved with chess. 

Finding a way to pay for it, that was even easier. The First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin provided equipment and a place for the guys to practice their swing. 

 "A lot of times just overwhelmed with the generosity and the support and people willing to support a school that's in the inner city and provide opportunities for students to experience and enjoy a new game that they've never played before," said Littel. 

Montell and Mohammed will be the first to tell you, they fail more than they succeed at this game. 

"I mean you know the first time you try it, it's the worst. Then when you practice more and more you get a little comfortable with it," said Mohammed, a junior at Washington High School. 

But for these kids, it's not about being the best or winning a state championship. 

"It's a good opportunity, it's a good sport. I mean not all people going to like it but try something new. With these coaches behind me, I know I'm going to succeed more," said Montell, a senior at Washinton High School.