Franklin gymnast Lydia Anderson named Student Athlete of the Week

Posted at 5:07 PM, Feb 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-04 19:52:36-05

FRANKLIN — Franklin resident Lydia Anderson is a level 10 gymnast. But now she's made her goal. Next season going to Winona State.

"It's super nice...because I've had this goal, ever since I was, I don't know, I've had it for forever. And it's so nice to finally be like, I'm doing it," Anderson says.

Anderson practices at M&M Gymnastics in New Berlin and is coached by Olympian Chellsie Memmel.

TMJ4 Main Sports Anchor Lance Allan asks "what is it like to get training from somebody like Chellsie and somebody of the level of what the Memmels provide here?

"It's really nice. I mean, Chellsie is a great coach and she has a lot of knowledge on the sport because she went to the Olympics," Anderson says.

"It's a tough sport...I mean just in general, and then when you're in school, you know full-time on top of that, to be able to, you know, be successful in each, is quite an accomplishment," Memmel says.

"She's also a judge, she's an elite judge...and her like, her watching our routines and like picking out every little thing because that's what the judges are looking at," Anderson says.

"It teaches you time management really well...and goal setting too. You know, you're able to set goals in gymnastics and in life and with school too, Yeah, so you know you're at school. You know you come to the gym, and you gotta get
your homework done. It's always a puzzle," Memmel says.

Gymnastics, teaching Lydia, life lessons.

"It's definitely taught me a's taught me time management. Teamwork, because we all work together and help encourage each other and stuff like that. And definitely being organized, because I feel like I'm a very organized person with my time and just everything else because of this sport," Anderson says.

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