Fans prepare to watch Badgers' big game, hopeful for a Wisconsin win

Posted at 7:39 PM, Dec 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-02 20:39:38-05

MILWAUKEE -- Some say it’s the biggest game in school history.

“[There's a] National championship on the line so hopefully they come through with the big win," one Badgers fan said. 

While others say a Badgers upset over the Buckeyes could be an early Christmas gift for Wisconsinites.

“I would be ecstatic, I think that’s what we need for the state and for the school.” 

The team’s undefeated record has impressed fans all season long and many are hopeful the winning streak continues tonight.

“I hope we win so we get to the playoffs, I really do. I hope this happens.”

Fans poured into Camp Randall to watch the team beat ranked Michigan earlier in the season —a win that arguably propelled the Badgers to where they are now as the number four ranked team in The College Football Playoff, and fans are also pouring into the bars Saturday night while rooting for another Wisconsin win.

The final ranks will be released tomorrow and the top four teams will play for The National Championship and a lot of people have their fingers crossed hoping to see Wisconsin is one of the four.