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Fiserv Forum, Deer District create 3,000 service industry jobs in first year

The Milwaukee Bucks honored the fallen officer Wednesday night by lighting up Fiserv Forum during their home game.
Posted at 4:58 PM, May 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-03 19:28:53-04

The Milwaukee Bucks and Fiserv Forum are doing a lot more than just bringing good basketball to downtown. The Deer District is creating thousands service-industry of jobs.

Rodney Oliver of Milwaukee headed into Fiserv Forum on Friday, but this time is wasn’t for a Bucks game.

“I’m trying to get me a job,” he said. “Stage, handling, whatever they’ve got to offer.”

On Friday, the Bucks were offering event security staff jobs. 30 positions to ensure safety in the plaza outside the arena.

The competitive wage of $13 an hour had Jordan Body bringing her resume to the job fair.

“There’s a lot of minimum wage jobs that are nowhere near $13,” she said. “They start at $8, $8.75 and that’s not enough for a person in a month to live off of. $13 is pretty good for me.”

Inside Fiserv Forum, there’s 2,400 employees between food and beverage and guest services. Right across the plaza at the Mecca, they already have 105 employees, but that’s going up to 175.

“Have positions ranging from salaried positions to hourly positions,” said Justin Green, vice president of Bucks hospitality.

Green said phase one of the entertainment district is all about nightlife with bars, breweries and games.

“Front of house, servers, bartenders, back of house, all kinds of culinary staff, chefs,” he said.

When you add 230 jobs at Punch Bowl Social and another 35 at Good City Brewing, there’s nearly 3,000 news jobs in the area since the Bucks season began.

“We’ve got our own stadium so who wouldn’t want to work at their own stadium?” said Makayla Mayon.