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Fans split on Milwaukee Bucks' decision to fire coach Jason Kidd

Kidd fired ahead of Monday's game
Fans split on Milwaukee Bucks' decision to fire coach Jason Kidd
Posted at 10:14 PM, Jan 22, 2018

Jason Kidd is out as the Milwaukee Bucks head coachand it brought some mixed emotions for fans.

When word broke that Kidd was out on Monday, some longtime Bucks fans were heartbroken.

“When I saw the news earlier today I was like, ‘what, why?’” said fan Junior Carreno.

“I got the news when I was at work today and I was devastated,” said Matt Kavanagh.

He pulled out his childhood Kidd jersey and wore it in tribute tonight to the former coach.

“So happy when he got hired here. Just thought he was doing a great job,” Kavanagh said.

So did Julia Ferguson. She didn’t know Kidd was out until she was on her way to the game.

“I told all the girls if I wasn’t at work tomorrow morning at 6:30 it was probably because I was arrested trying to get his autograph,” Ferguson said.

But while those fans commiserate over the loss, others are celebrating.

“I think it was a good move,” said fan Rick Ferguson.

“I didn’t really like Jason Kidd, he didn’t do anything for our team,” said Harper Richards, 10.

“I think we need somebody stronger in there,” said fan Glen Lackey.

Despite the firing coming on a game night, fans said it is better to make a change now so the Bucks can turn the season around and build some momentum heading into the new arena next season.

“Better now to get into the new building,” Lackey said.

“I think Jason Kidd was the perfect coach for the time but now it might be time to move forward,” said fan Chris Walsh.

The Bucks said assistant coach Joe Prunty is the head coach for the rest of the season.