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Bucks fans' excitement continues to surge after series win

Posted at 1:55 PM, May 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-09 15:12:04-04

MILWAUKEE- Eight to go! That's how many wins the Bucks need until they can be called the new NBA Champions, and the Bucks faithful are confident their team will go all the way.

"[After the win] I was just so excited, I was saying it’s time. You know, it’s time," Kirby Murrell said.

That sentiment felt by almost every Bucks fans who’s waited 18 years to see their team make it this far —Zah Johnson was four years old the last time it happened.

“I remember Ray Allen and a few other players, but right now we got Giannis. [We're] here, Milwaukee we’re here, we’re on the map,” Johnson said.

After Boston took game one, former Celtic star and current ESPN analyst, Paul Pierce said the Celtics had too much firepower to lose to the Bucks.

“The Celtics are dangerous. The have more talent than the Milwaukee Bucks,” Pierce said.

Comments Bucks super fan, Mickey Menges, said never held any weight.

“No one cares what they really say, we just want to have competitive basketball, and everybody’s pulling for the underdog which is right now Milwaukee,” Menges said.

We could know as soon as tonight who the Bucks next opponent will be. The Toronto Raptors lead the series against the Philadelphia 76ers 3-2. So, a win tonight would mean they'll play the Bucks next.