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Brook Lopez ejected from Bucks game after defending Giannis

Trey Lyles reportedly pushed Giannis, causing Lopez to step in and defend his teammate
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Posted at 8:27 AM, Mar 14, 2023

MILWAUKEE — Brook Lopez was ejected from Monday night's Bucks game, alongside Trey Lyles, after the two got in a fight 15 seconds before the end of the game.

Lopez got face-to-face with Lyles with just 15.4 seconds left in the game. According to Yahoo Sports,the altercation took place after Lyles tried to steal the ball from Giannis, who had been slowly dribbling up the court in an effort to run out the clock.

While attempting to draw a foul on Giannis, Lyles allegedly pushed Giannis.

"The game was over. Giannis is dribbling out the clock. I don’t know what that guy was doing messing with Giannis, doing too much. Like I said, the game was already over. So, I just wanted to go out there and protect my guy," Lopez said after the game.

Giannis saw the altercation take place, and said Lopez is not usually that upset.

“Then I just saw Brook being upset and he is usually is not that upset,” Antetokounmpo told the media. “He was yelling ‘don’t do that again, don’t push him like that.’ Then I realized like oh man, he pushed me in my back. Obviously, I appreciate Brook having my back and that’s my guy, not just on the court, off the court, for life he’s my guy.”

Some of Lopez's teammates also addressed the fight. Jrue Holiday said it was expected.

“I’m not gonna lie – it’s expected,” Jrue Holiday said. “Not only from him, but from everybody. Just let people know we a family over here and I mean, all that cheap stuff, we don’t really play it. I feel like there’s times where we kind of seem like we’re real professional and all that – which we are – but we don’t really go for the b.s. either."

Following the fight, both Lopez and Lyles were given technicals and ejected from the game. The Bucks won the game, 133-124.

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