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'On Fridays, we wear pinstripes': Brewers become Regina, Gretchen and Karen of 'Mean Girls'

Posted at 10:21 AM, Mar 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-18 11:35:46-04

MILWAUKEE — The Brewers, specifically Brent Suter, Josh Hader and Jeremy Jeffress, are at it again with their latest movie parody: "Mean Girls." Spoiler alert: You can't sit with them.

Suter, Hader and Jeffress played the roles of Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners. The three reenacted the well-known cafeteria scene that divvies up lunch tables based on social status.

The newest Brewer, Yasmani Grandal, played Cady Heron.

"I love your tattoo. What does it mean?" Suter said.

"They call me the Yazmanian Devil because my nickname is Yaz," Grandal said.

Before anyone else can respond, Hader blurts out, "That is so fetch."

The popular teen comedy divides the cafeteria in sections based on various high school stereotypes.

The Brewers created their own categories: The Hollywood Wannabes, The "Cool" Manager, The MVPs, The Big Teddy Bears, The Card Players and The Prospects.

Obviously, The Hollywood Wannabes are Suter, Hader and Jeffress. Craig Counsell played The "Cool" Manager.

Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun played The MVPs. Lorenzo Cain and Jesus Aguilar played The Big Teddy Bears.

Unlike last season, when he was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Grandal will no longer be victimized by Suter (Regina George).