Milwaukee Brewers still in the hunt as mid-September nears

Posted at 9:52 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-11 23:21:28-04

We’re nearing the middle of September, and the Milwaukee Brewers - a team projected to lose 90 games before the season began - are still in the playoff hunt. 

The Brewers swept the Cubs at Wrigley Field over the weekend, which has them nipping at Chicago’s heels for the top spot in the NL Central.

Fans expressed their hopes for the team at Monday night’s game at Miller Park. All that talk of a “rebuilding year” is, in many respects, shifting to talk of a “terrific year.”

“I was so happy when they swept Chicago,” says George Jelich. “A lot of people couldn’t believe it. But I could. I’ve been waiting for that.”

Jelich was at Miller Park celebrating a milestone of his own.

“I turned 90 today,” he says. “I was born back in 1927. I’ve seen a lot!”

Jelich was surprised with a birthday party tailgate and front row seats to the game. The World War II and Korean War veteran loves the Brewers, and has a special connection to Bob Uecker.

“I’ve been cutting his hair for more than 65 years,” he says. “I met him back when he was a teenager. He still comes to my barber shop.”

Another Brewers fan, with about 80 years less of life experience, also had an unforgettable Monday night at Miller Park.

“This is my first game ever,” says Griffin Rubach, 9.  “I’ve always wanted to come, and finally, here I am. It’s great that it’s after the team swept the Cubs. It’s amazing that they did that. ”

When it comes to making the playoffs, Griffin keeps saying what we’re all thinking:

“I know it could go either way, but whenever I watch a game, I just keep yelling, 'You can do it Brewers, you can do it!'”

The Brewers have about 18 more games to go.