Man who went viral at Milwaukee Brewers game with kidney shirt finally finds a donor

Posted at 12:09 PM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 13:32:14-04

MILWAUKEE -- During the first week of the Brewers' regular season, a Milwaukee man in need of a kidney went viral after wearing a shirt at Miller Park that read, "Father Of 3 Needs a Kidney."

As it turns out, that shirt paid off big time. Lenny Zwieg announced yesterday on his Facebook page that he found a kidney donor.

"This morning I received a call at work from my transplant coordinator. He asked me if I had plans on November 2nd. I lost it in my office as my coworkers wondered what was going on. Concern quickly led to cheers, tears and hugs as I rushed out to call Becky and the kids," Zwieg said in his post. 

An anonymous woman who saw the t-shirt and social media campaign decided to test if she was a match for Zwieg. Although she found out that she wasn't a match, she heroically continued the search through the National Kidney Registry. Through the NKR, a match was found for the father of three. 

"I’d like to thank this person for all she is doing for me and the gift of life she is willing to share. In this situation, I do not know who my donor is. It is hard to thank people you don’t know, and you aren’t sure if they are even reading but I am so truly grateful," Zwieg said. 

The transplant date for Lenny Zwieg is set for November 2, 2018.