Former Brewers 3rd base coach Rich Donnelly loses son in car crash

A former coach with the Milwaukee Brewers is grieving the loss of his son after being killed while being a good Samaritan helping someone else on the side of a highway.

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that Mike Donnelly, the son of former third base coach Rich Donnelly, was killed when a car collided with him.

Mike, 38, had pulled over and was helping someone else on a highway in Dallas when a 19-year-old driver's vehicle crashed into him and a friend and left the scene.

Donnelly's family life has been greatly affected by tragedy.

He had lost one daughter to a brain tumor. Two other daughters had stayed by the side of strangers until help arrived in the Las Vegas shooting, according to WTOV-TV.

"Wow. I'm so humbled. We have eight kids. I'm so humbled by what my four kids have done. They make me so proud. They make me so humble. It's unbelievable to think they did all this for someone else," Rich told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

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