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Fans react to Brewers game on Facebook

Mixed reactions over Facebook exclusive game
Fans react to Brewers game on Facebook
Posted at 7:55 AM, Apr 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-12 08:55:10-04

There was only one place to watch Wednesday's Milwaukee Brewers game -- Facebook.

It was the second date of the season in Facebook and Major League Baseball's exclusive contract that will include one game each week.

And it received plenty of mixed reactions from fans. Some fans see the potential with the service and hope that it will grow to be even better in the future.

But most fans saw flaws in the broadcast.

Most of the complaints centered around the exclusivity and lack of flexibility of the broadcast on Facebook.

Local cable feeds like Fox Sports Wisconsin weren't available, and even if fans purchased MLB's premium service, MLB.TV, they were forced to watch on Facebook. The service costs $116 this season.

Other complaints stemmed from comments from fans popping up on their screen or notifications from their friends interrupting the broadcast.

This fan had the seventh inning taken over by a baby picture.

The numbers aren't in on this game, but the MLB's first Facebook game drew 4.3 million views, 68,000 comments and 1.1 million reactions, according to a report by

According to researcher, Michael Mulvihill, the average viewership was around 75,000.

However you feel, the Brewers did win, so there's that.

The Brewers have one more game scheduled on Facebook right now, a May 30 matchup against the Cardinals at 12:10 pm CT.