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Christian Yelich shares 10 things he can't live without [VIDEO]

Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich wins NL 2018 Hank Aaron Award
Posted at 8:40 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 13:23:14-04

MVP Christian Yelich sat down with GQ and shared 10 things he can't live without when he hits the road.

On Wednesday, GQ shared the video of Yelich talking about and showing off 10 items he always has on him when he's traveling with the Brewers or heading out on vacation.

"We're on the road quite a bit. Probably 120 or 130 days a year... I actually like it. Getting to see different places and go places I probably would never go if it wasn't for baseball," says Yelich.

Right off the bat, Yelich brings out a bottle of five hour energy.

"In baseball, you play so many games and such weird hours with travel and everything... everybody has their thing that they get energy from and this is mine... you don't have to drink a lot, it's just four ounces. You can knock it back real quick and go," says Yelich.

Part of Yelich's pre-game ritual is listening to music so item two is his Apple airpods. Yelich says they help him focus and block out the rest of the world for a little while. GQ asked Yelich what he's been listening to lately before games. "I like all genres of music, but right now it's been some of the new Drake stuff which is pretty basic."

The MVP can't survive without his Chipotle, so it makes sense that item three is a Chipotle burrito.

"It's something to get quick, fairly healthy for you if do it the right way. I got on that routine when I was really young... and I don't see it changing anytime soon," says Yelich.

Yelich grew up in southern California so he grew up wearing converse. That hasn't changed which is why his all white high top converse are item four.

"Converse, comfortable and stylish," says Yelich as he throws the shoes off the screen.

Item five is another pair of headphones. However, this time, they're Beats headphones. Yelich says sometimes when he's on a plane or just really wants to shut the world off, he pulls out his beats and relaxes.

"The moments when you get to just relax and just be in your own world are becoming more few and far between so you learn to value that time and these are a big part of that," Yelich says.

Next up, Yelich shows off his Tom Ford sunglasses. He says he likes them because they're simple and not too flashy.

"I got my other pair of sunglasses stolen which, you know, come on people, don't steal," says Yelich.

The sunglasses may not be flashy, but item number seven definitely is.

"Next up, we got Rolex Daytona... I won my fist career silver slugger and it came with a bonus. I wanted to do something that I was gonna remember it by and I didn't have a watch at the time, I needed a nice watch," says Yelich.

The MVP says he doesn't have a watch collection yet but hopes to because he does really likes watches.

Item number eight is pretty self-explanatory. His passport. Yelich mentions that yes, even major league baseball players need their passports to leave the country.

Next up, item nine.

'My tumi backpack. I couldn't live life without it because I live my life out of it."

Finally, item ten, an item we saw coming.

"A major league baseball. It wouldn't be right to talk about essential things without this. I spend more days out of the year doing this than anything else," says Yelich. "It's a small white ball, but the things it has brought me in my life... is incredible and I'm super thankful for it.