Brewers' longest season ticket holder relishes team's postseason success

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 13:11:28-04

As the Brewers get ready to take on the Dodgers, there are two seats that have remained with the same group for decades.

The Crew said Larry Egofske is their longest season ticket holder. He has held seats five and six right by the on-deck circle since 1953.

But Egofske was only born in 1952, so he has not always held the tickets but his company has. Egofske works for American Bolt.

Back in the day, the company had a guy who knew someone in the front office of the Milwaukee Braves.

"He was able to get us two front row seats right by the on-deck circle," said Egofske.

Egofske was a year old when American Bolt got those seats. He said he often didn't get to go to games, only when his dad could afford it. He spent most of the time listening to the Milwaukee Braves play on his transistor radio.

All these years later, he's become vice president and part owner of the company. That radio has since been replaced with those great seats. And despite seeing some hard times with the Brewers he never wanted to get rid of them.

"Back then there was no netting and customers would take their children or their wives and were handed a ball so wow, it was great business," said Egofske.

He has been handed lots of balls and even some bats over the years. But he usually gives away that stuff away. 

What he held onto is 2011 World Series tickets, printed but never used.

"They never made it to the World Series," said Egofske. "I was ready. So I hung on to those."

He said seat five and six are amazing, you get fist bumped by the players, you hear every crack of the bat, but he knows what it's like not to even get in. 

"I'd be happy with 400 series upstairs if I had to. Just going to a Major League Baseball game is exciting and I always enjoyed it," said Egofske.

Egofske said he will not be in the seat on Friday for the Game 1 because he already gave them away. But plans to be there for Game 6.