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Brewers fan will celebrate her 100th birthday throwing Friday's first pitch

100-year-old Brewers fan holding baseball
Posted at 4:30 PM, Apr 05, 2019

MILWAUKEE — Up until last night, Shirley Ollman thought she would be celebrating her 100th birthday at a local clubhouse.

Until her son handled her a baseball.

"He said you're throwing out the first pitch. I said what are you talking about? We got people coming to a party," Ollman said.

The opportunity came after one of Ollman's grandkids posted a tweet about her turning 100 and being a huge Brewers fan. The kids knew it was a long shot, but it was worth it when the Brewers noticed it.

"For me it's very exciting. I never miss a game," Ollman said.

Ollman was candid and said she did not practice much, but she was not worried.

"If I use this arm I'll need Tommy John surgery. I've got a bad arm so I'm gonna have to throw with my left arm and what happens will happen," Ollman said.

The mother of three boys said she has been a Milwaukee baseball fan since the Braves were in town. On Friday she said she was looking forward to meeting a few of the players.

"Some of these young fellas have just blown my mind. Christian Yelich has just been incredible Freddy Peralta just pitched beautifully. Ryan Braun, I've been a fan of his and of Hader. They call him 'Haterade'," Ollman said.

After 100 years Shirley smiled as she talked about how good life has been to her and how wonderful her family has been.

She shared her secret to living to be 100.

"I always say chocolate. I have to have a piece of chocolate every single day," Ollman said.