Brewers' Eric Thames drug tested on the night he hit his first home run in three weeks

Posted at 1:36 PM, Jun 01, 2017

MILWAUKEE -- You'll never guess which Milwaukee Brewers player got drug tested Wednesday night.

Yep, it was Eric Thames. The drug test came on the same night the slugger crushed his first home run in three weeks, powering the Brewers to a 7-1 win over the New York Mets.

Journal Sentinel Brewers beat writer Tom Haudricourt first reported the testing on Twitter:

Thames has provided an unusually large amount of samples to Major League Baseball this year, which most would argue is due to the eye-popping numbers he posted in April coming off of three seasons playing ball in Korea.

All the attention doesn't seem to bother Milwaukee's first baseman, though. He shrugged off the tests in late April, telling reporters "So, yeah, if people keep thinking I'm on stuff, I'll be here everyday. I have lots of blood and urine."

The tests will likely continue for Thames as long as he keeps hitting. Since breaking an 0-for-18 drought Tuesday night, he's 4-for-7 with a home run.