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Brett Phillips crashes Craig Counsell's interview James Bond style

Brewers interview sneaks under bench
Brett Phillips crashes Craig Counsell's interview James Bond style
Posted at 9:47 PM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 22:47:35-04

Brett Phillips crashed Craig Counsell's pre-game interview James Bond style.

While talking to reporters about Phillips return to the big club, Phillips emerged from underneath the bench to greet his manager.

"That's a great answer," Phillips yelled while wiggling from underneath Counsell. "I was going to ask the same question."

Phillips stood up, gave Counsell a quick handshake and walked away without addressing the situation to the surrounding group of reporters.

A few reporters were stunned. one yelled, "Were you down there the whole time?" But most were unsurprised given Phillips jokester reputation.

Phillips is known throughout the organization and league for having one of the goofiest and most fun to listen to laughs.Basically, it sounds like a horrific wheeze but his face is pure joy. Watch the whole video above for 2 minutes of great entertainment.

Phillips is hoping he can keep his bat and his laugh in the big leagues this season. He had bounced back and forth from AAA six times since last June. 

He's only hit eight times this season, striking out five times, after a 2017 campaign that saw him hit .276 over 87 MLB at-bats. He added four home runs, 12 RBI and an OPS of .799.