91-year-old Milwaukee woman meets favorite Brewers player for birthday

Posted at 7:51 PM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 22:46:35-04

A 91-year-old Milwaukee woman got the birthday present of a lifetime; a meet and greet with her favorite baseball players.

A lot of Milwaukeeans have met Marcy Skowronski. She’s the owner Holler House, a landmark bar and bowling alley on Milwaukee’s south side. It’s attracted many famous people throughout her 65 years of ownership, but her most beloved had to be tracked down at Miller Park.

Whenever the Brewers are playing, every TV inside Holler House in on the game. She loves to cheer for one player in particular.

“Come on my Snookie Poo, hit one!” Skowronski said.

Her “Snookie Poo” is left fielder Ryan Braun.

“I like him as a ball player and as a person,” she said. “I was listening to some of his interviews and he’s a well spoken and real nice guy.”

Braun’s pictures and bobble heads line the bar.

“My mother goes around the bar, she’s got to rub Ryan Braun because she adores him,” said Skowronski’s daughter Cathy Haefke.

Haefke said her friends took notice of her mother’s affection for the Brewers’ star.

“They brought it up to me and said wouldn’t that be awesome if we could make this magic wish of Marcela’s come true,” Haefke said.

With Skowronski’s 91st birthday right around the corner, it was time for something special.

“This was all a surprise for me,” Skowronski said.

Her wish turned into reality. Skowronski got to take a special trip down to the dugout to meet #8 earlier this month.

“He hugged me and oh my goodness gracious,” Skowronski said.

“I’ve never seen my mom awestruck in her life because she makes everyone else awestruck and it was very cool,” Haefke said.

A few minutes of talking baseball with the slugger ended with an autograph on  Skowronski’s shirt covered in images of Braun.

“So now I can’t wear it no more,” Skowronski said.

Skowronski hopes Braun will eventually retire as a Brewer so he stays in Milwaukee. As for Skowronski, at 91-years-old, she doesn’t have any intentions of retiring herself any time soon.