Beer-can cabbage is popular summer grilling trend

Beer-can cabbage is popular summer grilling trend
Posted at 10:54 AM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 11:57:40-04

When it comes to vegetables, cabbage isn’t the usual go-to option. Not many people get excited over a head of cabbage, but beer-can cabbage is about to change all that.

You may have heard of beer-can chicken, a way of grilling chicken on top of a beer can, but now it’s plant-based counterpart has arrived.

Apparently, it’s super tasty. As someone commented on food blogger Rebecca White’s Instagram post about beer-can cabbage: “Deeply disappointed that nobody has said the obligatory “yummy” comment – with as many exclamation marks as you fancy.”

Epicurious shares its recipe:

Carve a beer-can-sized hole in a head of cabbage, and scoop out the core with a spoon.
Brush on some oil and add a dash of salt and pepper.
Open a beer can, and drink half of it (or throw it out, if you’re not into the stuff), but leave half of it remaining so it can steam the vegetable.
Coat the cabbage with barbecue sauce and place upright on the grill, cooking for about 45 minutes and basting the veggie with barbecue sauce every 15 minutes to keep it moist.
You can serve the cabbage as a side dish, making into a cole slaw, or you can even serve it as a meat substitute on a roll like a sandwich. Either way, it’s a fun addition to your summer barbecue.